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Artisan Nutmilk Cheeses

Rich Aged Flavors × traditionally crafted


Order minimum 4 cheeses, plus the cost of shipping.  Call or e-mail to order.

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Parmela Creamery is a state of the art creamery fully dedicated to nut milks, creams and cheeses.

Mission: Accelerate the transition to plant based diets


Our nut milk cheeses are made using traditional cheese making techniques.  Rich nut milks made from blending cashews and almonds with filtered water form the base.  These are much thicker than the nut milks you would drink, and amazingly have more flavor potential than dairy milks.

The nut milks are cultured and shaped in molds.  It's during their culturing process that the cheeses develop their unique flavors.  With the same base ingredients each type of cheese is cultured differently to craft a wide array of cheeses, from a light earthy almond milk cheese, to the deeply pungent Parmela Blue.

It took over 2 years and 2,000 iterations to get the cultures to grow properly in the thick cashew milks and unlock true cheese flavors for the Creamy Treenut Cheese.  In crafting our new aged cheeses we up over 4000 iterations of cultures grown.

The nutmilk cheeses can be found in Whole Foods and other natural food stores.  To stock up for your vegan cheese plates call in or e-mail your order.  Call us to set up a time to stop by for a tasting.  We also develop custom plant based cheeses for food service.



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