The Creamery

We take pride in our authentic, time-tested methods. Here’s how we turn heart healthy cashews into delicious, dairy-free cheese in 3 steps.

#1. First, we select the most premium cashews from our farmers who use only traditional and environmentally friendly methods of cultivation.




Then, we blend the cashews into creamy whole cashew milk.



#2. Here’s where the magic happens: Our cheeses undergo our aging and culturing process where they develop their rich and creamy flavors.





Developed from the real methods of master cheesemakers, the aging and culturing sets Parmela apart from all cheeses.


Voila! Now, having been aged to perfection, our heart healthy cashews have been turned into the creamy, rich, and decadent cheese.



#3. Into the bag it goes一the same blue bag you’ll find in your local grocery store, waiting to be melted onto your next delicious meal.




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