Bold, deep and decadent, because we’re authentic

Parmela Creamery’s culturing and aging makes for the creamiest, richest and most satisfying plant-based cheese. Made from whole cashew milk 一 the next evolution in authentic cheesemaking is here.

Nut Cheese Process

Traditional Cheesemaking

We make our dairy-free cheeses following the time-honored methods of culturing and aging. That’s the only way to bring out the depth of flavor you taste in every Parmela product.

Our Tradition

It's in our culture

Parmela uses centuries of evolution of perfecting cheese while leading the way in a new era of cheese made with plant-based whole cashew milk.

Our Quality
Farmers holding nut plant

The Grater Good

Knowing that our choices have an impact on the world, we deliver the highest quality cheese with the least impact on our planet.

Our Mission